#4 Kelly

From: Kelly, Japan - October 2011

Today I received mail all the way from.. Japan! Kelly (originally from the US) sent a letter with a piece of art (I love it! I think I'm gonna use it as a bookmarker). Also check the cute Hello Kitty stamp! She tought me how to write my name in Japanese, which is really cool. Thanks Kelly! I immediately wrote a letter back, I'll send it tomorrow!


#3 Jolien

From: Jolien, The Netherlands - October 2011

This morning I received a brown envelope from Jolien. Before I opened it, I didn't expect so much loveliness to come out of the envelope! She included beautiful stationery (where did you buy that??) and made a really nice collage. I really liked her letter, it seems that we have a lot in common. Expect something back in the following week :). Thanks!


My stationery webshop

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I opened a webshop with handmade stationery. Click the button above to go to the store or click here to read the article about it on my personal blog.


#2 Marion

From: Marion, UK - October 2011 

Today I got Marion's card. I didn't expect LWP mail so fast! She wrote a long letter on a really cute card. Go check out her blog and youtube channel, she makes lovely little videos (I like to listen to her, she has a nice voice). Thanks Marion! Expect something back asap :)


First letter: Marlou

From: Marlou, The Netherlands - October 2011

Although this isn't really an entry for my project (I sent Marlou a letter last week because I love her blog and I know she is also really into writing letters and stationery) I really wanted to show you guys what I got. Now you also know what happens with your mail!
I received this beautiful handwritten letter (I love her handwriting!) on really cute stationery, a lovely postcard and super cute deco tape. She used a kraftpaper envelope which makes me really happy. I love kraftpaper but I have no idea where I can get (cheap) kraftpaper.. Anyway Marlou, thanks so much!


Letter writing project

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I love real mail. I still write letters and postcards to friends, but I'd love to write with people all over the world. I just started this project, you can see the original blogpost about my letter writing project on my main blog, here. I hope I get a lot responses! There are no rules, but please include your adress so I can write back. And if you have a website/blog/tumblr add that too so I can link your received mail to your website.