#15 Esther

From: Esther, Belgium - November 2011

Last weekend I received this beautiful envelope from Esther. I believe it's the first mail I got from Belgium. She wrote a little note and added some nice little things, I like the little flower. She has a beautiful handwriting, don't you think? Thank you Esther, I will write to you soon.

#14 Kelly

From: Kelly, Japan - November 2011

Last week I received the second letter from Kelly. It was quite a big package and this is what came out the envelope.. as you can see, a lot! Kelly is from the United States but lives in Japan at the moment. She teaches English to Japanese kids so she let the kids write postcards to me, as an assignment. How cute is that?? She also included a 'goodie bag' which contained lucky paper stars, sticky notes and Japanese money. Thank you so much Kelly, gonna write you (and the kids!) back!


Sent Mail #2

This was sent to Asley.

I sent this letter (and a birthday present from my stationery webshop) to Michelle.

And this was sent to Emily.


#13 James

From: James, Philippines - November 2011

Today I received this beautiful snailmail from James. I think it is one of the most beautiful envelopes I received so far! She found an old invitation from 1992 (my year of birth) and wrote some songs at the back that came out in 1992 (for example Bohemian Rhapsody, There is a light that never goes out and Friday I'm in love. I like them all very much). She made a little booklet of her letter and taught me some Tagalog words. That's really nice, I always like learning a new language. She also included really cute Paris stickers, thank you! Your letter is lovely, I'll try to make mine as lovely as yours. You can also find James on Postcrossing.

#12 Sally

From: Sally, China - November 2011

Last Tuesday I received this super cute snailmail from Sally, all the way from China! I have never gotten mail from China before so it was pretty exciting. Look at that beautiful Hongkong post stamp! Thank you Sally, my snailmail to you is on its way.


Looking for a penpal?

I only started this project a month ago and I've already received more than 10 beautiful letters! Everytime I get mail it makes me so happy, it's so nice to get to know total strangers from all over the world. But it is also getting a little out of hand. I've received a lot of entries for this project and although I'm not sure if they're all going to write to me, I don't think I can keep up with that and be penpals with everyone. Don't get me wrong, I love writing letters but having more than 10 penpals is kind of busy and sometimes confusing. My project didn't necessarily start to find new penpals, I just wanted to receive and write snailmail with complete strangers. Of course I will always write you back but I'm not sure if I can keep up with everyone!

So I came up with an idea. Why not match my penpals together? I received some wonderful letters and some people seem to have a lot in common! If you're looking for a penpal and you like the letters that I got, this is probably the right adress for you. Just contact me (use the contact form in the menu) and tell me (us) a little bit about yourself. For example:

Hi! I'm Marlous, a 19-year-old girl from the Netherlands. I really like writing letters, photography and reading. *more information about yourself, tumblr/blog? interests? etc* Please leave a comment if you want to become penpals!
If you have written to me before, I can include a picture of your letter so people can see your amazing writing skills ;-). You can also send a picture of a handwritten note, or include pictures of yourself (make a little collage?) It's all up to you. I was inspired by this blog, so please take a look so you'll get the idea.

I'm still accepting new applications and of course I will always try to write you back but please, if you're looking for a long-lasting penpal you'd better find somebody else. Maybe through my blog? :)

#11 Laura

From: Laura, The Netherlands - November 2011

Laura sent me this happy owl card. She wrote a nice message to the mailman on the envelope :) I really like the perfect postal stamp on the envelope. Inside she wrote some really nice mail related quotes, I like them so I decided to share them with you. Thanks Laura! I will send you a nice card back!

#10 Kathryn

From: Kathryn, US - November 2011

Last weekend started off well because on Saturday I received this beautiful handmade card from Kathryn! I really like birds. She also included a bonus letter. I really like her handwriting, it looks like a computerfont. I have been busy with school so I haven't had the time to write you back but I will soon. Thanks!


#9 Michelle

From: Michelle, The Netherlands - November 2011

Yesterday I got this beautiful letter from Michelle in the mail. The envelope made me think of Christmas! It took a couple of seconds until I figured out how to open the envelope, and when that huge letter rolled out I was speechless haha. I never expected such long letter in just one envelope, it didn't even fit in the photo! Michelle has a writing letter project blog too, just click her name to check out her blog (and perhaps write her a letter?).

#8 Tayabbah

From: Tayabbah, UK - November 2011

Last week I felt sick but when this green envelope came in the mail on thursday I definitely felt better! It was a letter from Tayyabah. She wrote on multiple papers which was really funny. Thank you so much!


#7 Marlou

From: Marlou, The Netherlands - November 2011

Another letter from Marlou! She sent me a little bit of autumn in the mail! Really cute, those leafs. She also included some poppy seeds. Thanks Marlou!

Sent Mail

To proof that I really do send mail back, some pictures I received from people who have written to me.

(Letter on top) Sent to Marion.
 Sent to Marlou.
Sent to Kelly.

I'd love to receive pictures from your received mail, it is funny to see my letter in a whole different world. So please send pictures to me after you received my mail! :)


#6 Emily

From: Emily, USA - Nobember 2011

Yes, another update today! Because today, after almost 2 weeks (!, it was stamped on october 23th), the letter from Emily came in. The envelope was really crumpled which made it look really old (which I like!). She wrote a long letter and included a beautiful drawing (all the writers are so creative!). I really liked her letter because her interests are similar to mine. Thanks Emily! I will write back to you soon.

#5 Ashley

From: Ashley, UK - November 2011 

Yesterday evening, when I came home from babysitting there was a big white envelope waiting for me, with a huge stamp on in (biggest stamp I have ever seen! I love it haha). It was snailmail from Ashley! She is a freelance illustrator and sent me some postcards with beautiful drawings on it, als a funny brooche (also handmade I guess?) and some metallic blue paper (papergoods yay!). Thanks a lot! My letter to you is on its way to the UK!