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#47 Kelly

From: Kelly, Japan - March 2012

Received this letter filled with delicious tea, origami paper, stamps and cute litle cats from Kelly! I love asian/kawaii stationery so it's always fun getting her mail!

#46 Rin (package swap)

From: Rin, Australia - March 2012 

Last week I got my package swap from Rin! It's so much so please read on to see all the images! Click here to see what I sent to her. The parcel arrived late in the afternoon so the sun was already setting while taking this pictures. But I just couldn't wait to open it, so the first pictures are a bit dark.

Sent mail #7

A couple of weeks ago I sent this to Marlou (I already sent another letter!). Click here to see more pictures.

This package was sent to Nicole. Click here for more pictures.

This was sent to Kelly.

This was sent to Sally. Click here for more pictures.

#45 Esther

From: Esther, The Netherlands - March 2012

I always love the short little notes Esther sents me, she has a beautiful handwriting don't you think?


#44 Elodie (package swap)

From: Elodie, Belgium - March 2012

This package from Elodie smelled SO good! It was the smell of fresh tea she included (which I can't wait to taste). She also included a handmade recipe book! Filled with her favorite recipes. How cool is that? I'm definitely going to try a recipe.
I'm quite busy at the moment so please give me some time to send something as lovely as this back :)

#43 Marlou (package swap)

From: Marlou, The Netherlands - March 2012

Last friday I found this cheerful package from Marlou in my mailbox. Look at those buntings and colorful stamps! It was filled with a letter, beaautiful (handmade?) postcards and a CD with Norwegian music (Marlou is Dutch but she has lived a couple of years in Norway and she loves the country). I haven't listen to it yet (I've been quite busy last days) but I like it already.


#42 Tina

From: Tina, Slovenia - March 2012

Yesterday I got this letter from Tina, all the way from Slovenia! It's my first letter from Slovenia. But, there is something strange with this letter.. If you look closer at the date, you can see she wrote this letter on the 24th of september! In the letter she's also talking about her upcoming birthday (in November). So has this envelope been traveling by mail for more than 5 months?
Also, I started my project on the 9th of october.. so it's not even possible that she already wrote me a letter in september?
The date on the stamp tells me it was stamped on the first of March. So maybe she just forgot about the letter. But another strange thing.. I don't remember giving my address to someone called Tina! I checked my mail but I couldn't find anything.
So Tina, if you are reading this.. explain yourself! :)


Pen pal call #11 Nicole

If you'd like to become pen pals with Nicole, leave a comment below with your email address so Nicole can contact you and you can swap addresses. Don't forget to check out other pen pal calls, to get in touch with other people who are looking for a pen pal.

If you want to place a call yourself, contact me via my form in the menu.


Open for new entries

Mail/package swaps I sent out today
Although I'm still quite busy with school and other things (also with writing, last week I sent out 5 letters and today another 5 letters!) I decided to open the project again. Please read this article so you know what the project is all about.
It might take a little longer for me to response to your mail, but don't worry, I will always send something back. You could also comment on a pen pal call or place a call (via my contact form) if you'd like to find new pen pals. And don't forget to check out other letter writing project blogs in my menu (under 'links'). If you have a similar letter writing blog, please leave a comment and I'll add you to the list.


Sent Mail #6

A package for Anaïs! I won't (yet) reveal what's inside...
 This is for Nicole!
 Kelly just sent me this picture of my mail I sent to her.
And this is so cool! A little while ago, I sent Emily a letter and enclosed a typical Dutch recipe: Boerenkool (see pictures above). Here's a video of Emily making the dish! It's so nice to actually hear and see the one you are writing with. And I think you did a good job with the Boerenkool Emily! Click here to watch te video.

#41 Nicole

From: Nicole, The Netherlands -  March 2012

Today I found this beautiful map envelope in my mailbox, filled with lovely postcards, vintage stamps and handmade envelopes with vintage photopostcards. Thanks Nicole!


Sent mail #5

It has been a while since I last showed you my sent mail. Most of my pen pals forget to take pictures of it. But it would be nice if I could show you some more mail on this blog, so please don't forget to send pictures of my mail sent to you!

Just sent out a lot of mail today!

This was sent to Esther a while ago.

Ps. Have you already seen this amazing video of Jason Mraz's 'I won't give up'? I love the air mail envelopes!