Sent mail #10

It's been a while since I last showed you pictures of my sent mail. I always like it to receive pictures of the mail I sent to you, so please don't forget to take pictures! :-)
I'm currently really busy so if you haven't got any mail back, don't worry - I haven't forgotten about it, I'm just really busy.

Sent to Sally

 Sent to Caro

Sent to Esther

Sent to Danique

#84 Esther

From: Esther, Belgium - October 2012

At first when I opened this letter from Esther, I wondered why I couldn't get the letter out of the envelope. Then I read the little note written on the yellow paper.. The letter was a little booklet! I had to cut open the envelope to read the letter. How amazing is this? Definitely one of the most special and original letters I've gotten so far.

#83 Sally

From: Sally, China - October 2012

A very quick reply from Sally! She always uses the most cute stationery (and her handwriting is also tiny and cute haha). It's always good to hear about her life in China, how a lot of things are actually just the same as here in Holland.



At the moment I'm so busy with school, which resulted in a lack of updates on this blog. Apologies for that! I'll keep updating this blog but it might take me a little longer to respond to all your (e)mail. In the meantime, you might want to check out my personal/lifestyle blog: Lastdaysofspringblog.com.
My personal blog is filled with inspiration for your home, your daily meals, everything creative and a lot more. It's written in Dutch but it has short English summaries (and it's mostly pictures anyway).
Below some pictures from my personal blog, let me know what you think about lastdaysofspringblog.com!

#82 Jaimie

From: Jaimie, The Netherlands - October 2012

When I opened this letter, a lovely smell filled my room. At first I thought it came from the lavender, but Jaimie actually included some selfmade bathsalt/soap pieces! Such a nice idea. I loved the letter, thanks a lot Jaimie!

#81 Nicole (package swap)

From: Nicole, The Netherlands - October 2012

Last week I got this amazing vintage package from Nicole. It was filled with goodies, she even made her own little bags to put everything in. I'm most curious at those flower seeds, which flowers will grow from those seeds?

#81 Caro

From: Caro, The Netherlands - September 2012

A little while ago I received this cute letter from Caro. I love the vintage image on the back of the letter, that's why I'm not showing you the letter ;-). It's still nice to find little treasures in my mailbox every week.


Free printable: paper


I discovered a really cool website where you can download almost any kind of paper. Whether you're looking for yahtzee score sheets, music paper, graph paper or just regular lined paper: you'll find it all on Printable Paper.
I think these templates are also really useful for writing letters. I really like the geometric templates, you could definitely use these to write your letters on!