How I write letters

Inspired by this post of Marlou (from Hei Marlou Writes), I wanted to show you how I write my letters! A little look behind the scenes!

Usually I don't write back immediately, so I have to reread the letter and see what that person sent to me. My reply usually depends on what I received: if someone sends a beautiful postcard, I try to find a nice one too. And if someone sends me a whole package, I'll send a package back! 
Here you can see a beginning of a letter.

I'd like to add little treasures (mostly stationery) to my letters, so I go through my boxes full of lovely things, to find something special.

My letter is almost finnished, I've found some things to include (I'd like to send vintage ephemera such as vintage stamps and old papers, tea bags (in this picture: tropical fruits, my favorite!), air mail themed things and.. well anything suitable that I find in my boxes).

I love wrapping and beautiful packages so I put all the extra goodies in a cute polkadot bag. 

When my letter is completed I put it on a scale (I bought this little letter scale in a thrift store) to see which amount of stamps is needed.

I used old stamps (from 1980-2000, they are still allowed - you just have to put enough stamps on your letter to get the right amount of postage), it doesn't only look better, it's also cheaper! I get mine at postzegelsmetkorting.nl.

And when my letter is finally completely finnished, I put it on a pile of letters waiting to get posted (I usually post a couple of letters at one time).

How do you write your letters?


#80 Celine (package swap)

From: Celine, The Netherlands - August 2012

Last month I got a little but thick package in the mail. It came from Celine, who included a little cushion which I can use while tracing patterns, a nail polish in one of my favorite colors (mint!) and vintage paper ephemera! I really liked this package, especially the handmade cushion. Thank you Celine! I'll write you back soon.

#79 Mariza

From: Mariza, The Netherlands - August 2012

Last month I got this vintage themed letter from Mariza. I really liked it, especially the little monopoly money! I already wrote something back so my mail must arrive to your mailbox soon Mariza.

#78 Maya (package swap)

From: Maya, Indonesia - August 2012

Another letter that came in last month (and I hadn't time to show you earlier), all the way from Indonesia! I love Indonesia and I hope one day I can visit that beautiful country. Maya sent me a lovely air mail package filled with goodies. I really like the envelopes! Thank you maya.


Pen pal call #26 Diana

If you'd like to become pen pals with Diana, leave a comment below with your email address so Diana can contact you and you can swap addresses. Don't forget to check out other pen pal calls, to get in touch with other people who are looking for a pen pal.

If you want to place a call, contact me via my form in the menu.


#77 Sally

From: Sally, China - August 2012

Early in August I received this cute envelope from Sally. I love her cute tiny handwriting. She included two bags of tea and a little dolhpin, and told me about travelling and her last summer.
As I told you, I had to catch up on a lot of letters, this is one of them. But I finally started photographing all those letters and writing back. Sally, your letter is on its way to you!


My desk

First of all: sorry for the lack of updates lately! I've been busy moving into my dorm room. And I'm finally done with moving and styling! Next week is my first week of university, so I'll be still very busy. See that pile of letters on my desk? Those are the letters that came in the last couple of weeks, which I still have to show you (and reply to!).
So if you haven't seen your mail featured on my blog, this post probably explains it all ;-) I ordered new washi tapes and stamps so next week I will start writing back. 
For now a little preview of my room!