End of a project

Hi guys! It's been a while since I last updated you. I have been very busy, but now Spring has begun I can't wait to start writing letters again. I still have to reply to some of you, so if you haven't got something back - don't worry!
My temporary hiatus got me thinking.. it has been fun to write all these letters with people from all over the world but I think I want to start a new project. I'm not sure what kind of project, but I decided to remove my mail form which means I won't accept new pen pals or pen pal calls.
I will keep on writing, but just with the people I know. I'm always interested in swapping, but I prefer to swap with people behind blogs I already 'know'. I hope you understand this, and who knows - maybe I'll replace my contact form in a couple of months!

My last outgoing mail, to Kelly and Rin. Looking at these parcels makes me so happy!