At the moment I'm so busy with school, which resulted in a lack of updates on this blog. Apologies for that! I'll keep updating this blog but it might take me a little longer to respond to all your (e)mail. In the meantime, you might want to check out my personal/lifestyle blog: Lastdaysofspringblog.com.
My personal blog is filled with inspiration for your home, your daily meals, everything creative and a lot more. It's written in Dutch but it has short English summaries (and it's mostly pictures anyway).
Below some pictures from my personal blog, let me know what you think about lastdaysofspringblog.com!


Inge said...

amazing pictures xoxo

Anonymous said...

I need to visit your "Last Days of Spring" more often! Your photos are so lovely! :) That's one of the reasons why I'm your follower on IG! ^^ Your room is super nice! Wish I had a room just like it!


Jessica said...

Your blog is absolutely stunning! Love, Love, LOoove!