#37 Marlou

From: Marlou, The Netherlands - February 2012

Sorry for the lack of updates, I've been sick for the last couple of days.. I almost forgot to show you this beautiful mail from Marlou. She made an envelope out of a map of her favorite city, Oslo. Doesn't it look beautiful? I love maps! She included a copy of a postcard she bought in Oslo and some funny balloons.

I haven't had the time to write back to the last couple of senders, but don't worry, I have some days off so I'll start writing back this week! :-)


Limner said...

Glad you're better. Marlou left a light on for you. :) Lovely.

Kelly said...

glad you are feeling better. I was sick too last week. Missed a day of work even. I love the letters on graph paper. <3

Marina said...

I love map envelopes!!