#46 Rin (package swap)

From: Rin, Australia - March 2012 

Last week I got my package swap from Rin! It's so much so please read on to see all the images! Click here to see what I sent to her. The parcel arrived late in the afternoon so the sun was already setting while taking this pictures. But I just couldn't wait to open it, so the first pictures are a bit dark.

 (vintage) paper ephemera, stamp stickers and flags.
 A really cool travel journey, air mail envelopes & postcards and vintage labels and a cute card (coaster?) with quotes on the back.
 A lovely kite, an envelope with a surprise and a letter.
Cool leaf letter, mini parasol and a fortune scratch card.
 Lovely handmade postcards (which you can buy in Rin's Etsy shop here) and a fortune telling fish!
 Details of the cards, they are almost too beautiful to send out!
 Detail of the fortune fish, mine curled up entirely so I was in a passionate mood!
 The fortune scratch card! It says: 'You have strong intuituon, listen to it and let the universe guide your life'.
Everything she sent to me!

Rin, thank you so much! I loved everything, especially the fortune telling fish and the fortune scratch card, where did you get those? 


Nicole van Roekel said...

wauw wauw wauwww, deze is wel echt heel leuk zeg!

Laura said...


Jolien said...

superleuk pakketje!

shannah said...

Swaps sound fun! We should do one sometime soon!

rosie said...

I'd like to be both of your penpals :) my email address is cherryandcoryp@yahoo.com