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Mail/package swaps I sent out today
Although I'm still quite busy with school and other things (also with writing, last week I sent out 5 letters and today another 5 letters!) I decided to open the project again. Please read this article so you know what the project is all about.
It might take a little longer for me to response to your mail, but don't worry, I will always send something back. You could also comment on a pen pal call or place a call (via my contact form) if you'd like to find new pen pals. And don't forget to check out other letter writing project blogs in my menu (under 'links'). If you have a similar letter writing blog, please leave a comment and I'll add you to the list.


Nicole van Roekel said...

leuk leuk! :) het lijkt mij wel leuk om die pen-pal call te doen, ik zal morgen wel even wat schrijven en inscannen zodat je het op je blog kan zetten!

Josianne said...

Ik heb je een berichtje gestuurd via het contact formulier!

Anonymous said...

Allo! I have yet to receive a reply from you. It's alright though. When I'm not so busy with work, I'll try to put together a small package. Excited to try it out! :)

James T.

Unknown said...

Hey James,
I already contacted you 2 months ago! I just re-sent the mail to make sure you've seen it :)

Tee said...

I sent a message via the contact form. Can't wait to hear back from you. I'm really excited!!