#50 Olivia (package swap)

From: Olivia, USA - April 2012

Last week I received my fiftieth mail!! Can you believe it? I never imagined my letter writing project would be such a success when I started it back in October. The fiftieth letter came from Olivia and was filled with lovely things! If want to see what's inside the envelope, read on!

She included so many things! I love the postcards, Renoir is actually one of my favorite painters (next to Van Gogh, Monet and Klimt) and I am obsessed with New York (I have a tumblr dedicated to it, newyorq) so I am really happy with these cards. I also loved the little chrochet flower (I wish I could crochet, but I'm too lazy to learn it) and the handmade bracelet. Thank you so much Olivia!
Olivia has a letter writing project blog too, have a look on http://writing-letters.blogspot.com!