Pen pal call #17 Taylor

If you'd like to become pen pals with Taylor, leave a comment below with your email address so Taylor can contact you and you can swap addresses. Don't forget to check out other pen pal calls, to get in touch with other people who are looking for a pen pal.

If you want to place a call, contact me via my form in the menu.


ELEONORA said...

Hi, I am interested, you can email me : eleonora.elena@hotmail.com

Hope to hear from you soon :)

Michelle said...

Hi Taylor!
I would like to become your pen pal! My name is Michelle, I'm 17 years old and I live in the Netherlands. My mail address is michellevaneldert@hotmail.com
I would love to hear from you :)

Beatrycze said...

Hi, I really want to be your pen pal.
My email : szlumpf@buziaczek.pl


Nicola said...

You have the most WONDERFUL of blogs.
Honestly. Fantastic, fantastic idea with the letters, we need more people like this!


Jill said...

hi there!
my name is Jill, I'm 17 years old and I live in Holland but I'm planning on moving to New York once I'm done studying :D I love everything about live and this is my email: shopxprinces@live.nl

I would love to hear from you soon!
xoxo Jill

Kide said...

Hi Taylor!
My name's Paula and I'm finnish. I turn 16 this year. It would be nice to be your penpal so email me if you're interested ( kaarnalaiva96@hotmail.com).


Kide said...
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Laura said...

Hey Taylor!

I'm Laura from Belgium and i turn 15 next month.
I see you already have a lot of comments but i hope there's always place for one more penpal (:

If you're interested: laura.van.trier@telenet.be

Hope to hear something of you! (:

Lotte said...

I'm a 19 jear old Belgium girl and my name is Lotte.
I don't know if you already found a penpal, but otherwise I'm intrested.
and by this way I could learn to wirth in Englisch

if you're intrested,
my e-mail adress is: lola_penders@hotmail.com

Jo said...

Hello :) My name's Jowita, I'm 15 years old girl from Poland. I will be pleased to be your pen pal :)
My e-mail: aranya@op.pl

Magda said...

Hi there!
I would love to be your penpal :)
Im Magda, 16 years old and from the Netherlands.


Fátima Silva said...

hi , i would like that .

Ashley said...

My daughter is 17! She'd love a pen pal in the USA. Contact me at ashleysartcloset@yahoo.com

Ashlee said...

Hi Taylor!
I am 26 and live in Australia. I am just starting my pen pal journey. Idyll would like to write please email me at ashlee-matheson@hotmail.com

rosie said...

Hello I'd love to be your penpal :) my email address is cherryandcoryp@yahoo.com