Thank you!

I started this letter writing project on October 9, 2011. Since then I have gotten so many lovely letters and I have met so many nice people via mail. I already received more than 50 letters! I get a lot of mails, about the project but also with sweet words. It makes my day.
It's good to see that more and more people are starting their own project, just like I did. That was my main goal (next to having a mailbox filled with loveliness of course ;-)): getting more people into writing real letters again. And I guess it has worked.
I just want to thank all of you who have participate (and who will in the future) in this project. I have some thrilling news (which I unfortunately can't share right now.. but I will do!), and I have plans for a new, better layout.
I also want to thank the lovely stationery webshops such as moosmade.nl, lettersets.com, postpapierenzo.nl and vlindersinjebuik.eu for letting me host those wonderful giveaways. If you're looking for stationery, these are the places to go to!

Although I am quite busy at the moment with school, I won't put the project on hold. It might take a little longer before I can answer all your mails, but I promise I will answer everyone! Don't ever stop writing! :-)



Nicole van Roekel said...

Ahh dit is echt leuk om te zien zeg! Je hebt inderdaad al erg veel gekregen. En ik ben ook dankzij jou begonnen met een postprojectje en heb inmiddels ook alweer 35 brieven binnen! :)

Henrieke said...

Wow wat veel zeg! Superleuk!

Foodloveandhappiness said...

Ik vind het heel erg leuk wat je doet! Want wanneer krijg je nou nog een brief? (zo'n mooie handgeschreven dan)
Echt leuk!

Jennifer said...

Wat heb je veel mooie spulletjes ontvangen! Gisteren zei ik geloof ik nog dat 't hem niet ging worden om een letterwritingproject te doen, omdat ik al postcrossing doe. Maar oooh, wat lijkt me dit toch leuk als ik jouw rijkgevulde mandje zie. Wat een liefde!

Janne said...

Leuk om te lezen! :) x

Jonapamplona said...


Mariza said...

Hopelijk ligt de linker brief ook snel in je mandje:) http://scrapwerk.blogspot.com/2012/05/schrijfdag.html