#77 Sally

From: Sally, China - August 2012

Early in August I received this cute envelope from Sally. I love her cute tiny handwriting. She included two bags of tea and a little dolhpin, and told me about travelling and her last summer.
As I told you, I had to catch up on a lot of letters, this is one of them. But I finally started photographing all those letters and writing back. Sally, your letter is on its way to you!


lipton|TEE said...

The little dolphin is too cute! I'm loving the stationery as well.

Indira said...

Leuk zeg! Mooi papier!

Manon said...

Wat ontzettend schattig!

Anonymous said...

this letter is so sweet! i love your blog.
X jane


sammybongo said...

Wow very net old style looking but I love it.