Pen pal cal #3: Charlotte

If you'd like to become pen pals with Charlotte, leave a comment below with your email address so Charlotte can contact you and you can swap addresses. You can also still become pen pals with Annika and Hannah.

If you also want to place a call for a pen pal you can contact me, please read this article for more information: click.

Edit: Charlotte has found enough pen pals to write with. She will not contact new entries.


Marlou said...

ik zou even de eerste Annika veranderen in Charlotte, als ik jou was ;)

Brittany Wilson said...

I would love to become Charlottes pen pal! brittanyalexa365@yahoo.com

Christel said...

Het lijkt me leuk om charlotte een brief te sturen...


Sarah said...

I would love to write you some letters Charlotte!


George said...

Hello Charlotte, I would love a wonderful excuse to send you some letters from Australia!


kimmie said...

Hoi Charlotte,

Ik zou het heel leuk vinden om met je te schrijven. Ookal woon ik dan niet zo ver weg als sommige meiden hierboven kan het ook z'n voordelen hebben..

Liefs, Kim


Anonymous said...

I would love to write you some letters Charlotte