#35 Sally

From: Sally, China - February 2012

Another letter from Sally. It's fun to keep up with some pen pals on the long term! I think it's really nice that she wrote 'Nederland' (dutch for 'The Netherlands') instead of 'The Netherlands'. I really like that (Kelly once wrote 'Nerderland', like we're a county full of nerds, haha!).
At the time Sally wrote this letter, she was celebrating Chinese New Year. I don't know much about it, I only know that red is a special color for Chinese people. She included these 'lucky bags', were Chinese people put money in and give them to others as a sign of luck (correct me if I'm wrong!). That's really nice, I didn't know about this before and it's really cool to have something special from an other culture like this.


Marlou said...

hahah, nerderland :D

Anonymous said...

Wat leuk! Van mijn Chinese schoonouders krijg ik elk jaar ook zo'n rood envelopje met wat geld in :)

Bree said...

Yeap, you are right. It symbolizes good luck, health and prosperity! :)