Pen pal call #13 Elodie

If you'd like to become pen pals with Elodie, leave a comment below with your email address so Elodie can contact you and you can swap addresses. Don't forget to check out other pen pal calls, to get in touch with other people who are looking for a pen pal.

If you want to place a call, contact me via my form in the menu.


Michelle said...

Hee Elodie, ik ben Michelle, 17 jaar oud en ik woon in Zeeland. Ik zou het leuk vinden om met je te schrijven. Mijn mailadres is michellevaneldert@hotmail.com Ik hoor graag van je!

kimmie said...

Hoi, het lijkt me heel leuk om te schrijven met jou! Als je wil kan je me een e-mail sturen: kimperk_34@hotmail.com!

Liefs, Kim

Hikari ℛ. ℋ. said...

Hi Elodie! You are from the Flander's side of Belgium, right?
If you are agree with having a french penpal, feel free to sen me a mail : hugs-for-tolerance@hotmail.fr

Yessy said...

Hello Elodie!

Want to be my pen pal? My name is Yesenia, I'm 24 from Puerto Rico and I want to exchange addresses with you! My email is: yessy@me.com Hope to hear from you soon!

Shannon said...

Hi Elodie!

Het lijkt me erg leuk om brieven met je te schrijven. Laat je iets van je horen?

Liefs, Shannon


Kay said...

Elodie, if you're still looking for pals, I'd be interested in writing some letters with you. :) I'm Kay, 22, from the US. English student, photography geek, bookworm and writer. My email is kdawidow@live.com if you want to send me a note about being pals!

mscdyson said...

Hi Elodie,

I'm Courtney, 21, and I live in New York City. I'd love to be pen pals with you.


Anonymous said...

hi elodie!
cheyenne hier, 21 jaar uit leiden, en het lijkt me leuk om te schrijven :)


lijkt me leuk iets van je te horen!
xo, cheyenne

Tiara said...

Hi, Elodie~
I'm Tiara 22 years old Sagittarius girl from Indonesia. My hometown is in Bali, the famous island in Indonesia but now I living in Bandung for study. I love send and receive letter or something nice from other country.
If you are agree with having a Indonesian penpal, feel free to send me an email here :


Anonymous said...

Firstly, Elodie is such a pretty name... I love it.
I would love a new penal, my name is Courtney, nice to meet you.. courtney.waters@hotmail.com

Ashlee said...

Hi Elodie,
I am a 26 year old Australian girl, just starting my pen pal journey. If you would like to be pen pals please email me at ashlee-matheson@hotmail.com

rosie said...

Hello I'd love to be your penpal :) my email address is cherryandcoryp@yahoo.com