Sent mail #10

It's been a while since I last showed you pictures of my sent mail. I always like it to receive pictures of the mail I sent to you, so please don't forget to take pictures! :-)
I'm currently really busy so if you haven't got any mail back, don't worry - I haven't forgotten about it, I'm just really busy.

Sent to Sally

 Sent to Caro

Sent to Esther

Sent to Danique


yoojin said...

Love especially the 3rd envelope! :)

Unknown said...

Nice mails! The flower washi tape in your last picture is one of my favorites, and I have two of the same in case they go out of the product someday. :D

°lola and penpaling said...

I like the mail you send! they are great!

Jiska said...


Ik zou zo graag een penvriendin hebben, maar geen idee hoe ik daar ineens aan zou moeten komen...

Op welke manier ben jij aan al die penvriendinnen gekomen? En zou jij misschien mijn penvriendin willen zijn?

Xx. Jiska ♥

Anna said...

Love all of this! :) Your envelopes are so pretty :)