Pen pal call #1: Hannah

I was so excited when I received the first pen pal call! Hannah, a 17-year-old girl from New Zealand is looking for pen pals:

If you'd like to become pen pals with Hannah, leave a comment below with your email address so Hannah can contact you and you can swap addresses. 

If you also want to place a call for a pen pal you can contact me, please read this article for more information: click.

Edit: Hannah has found enough pen pals to write with. She will not contact new entries.


Bree said...

Hi Hannah! My name's Bree and I am from Malaysia. I'm an 18-year-old girl who had just entered college. I play the piano and I love swimming too! If you are interested in becoming my penpal, do email me. :)

Best wishes,

Laura Santos said...

I'd love to become your pen pal! Here is a little about me, my name is Laura and I live in Escondido California I am 21 years old. I enjoy swimming, hiking, cycling, and arts and crafts. I have two Rottweilers, and two aquatic turtles, I'm a huge animal lover! Ill leave you with my basic information.
Email - lorahxo@gmail.com
Blog - sincerelylorah.tumblr.com
I hope to hear from you but if not have a great day!

Bree said...

Hi again! Here's the link to my blog. :)


Miron said...

Hi, my name's Miron and I'm 17 years old. I love cooking, running and listen to music. When I was younger I had lots of penpals and I would like to have one again these days! I really love handwritten letters. My emailadress is miron94@live.nl. Hope to hear from you :)

Brittany Wilson said...

I would really love to be your pen pal! I am 20 years old from USA. I love traveling, writing, baking, photography. My email is brittakesatrip@yahoo.com

Sarah said...

My name is Sarah and I am also from the USA. If you still have time for another pen pal, I would love to send you some letters!


Renate said...

Hi, Hannah!
I would love to be your pen pal! :) My name is Renate, I'm 17 years old (almost 18) and come from Norway. Music is also important to me, and I have a blue trumpet at home. I also like The Beatles, vintage things, taking pictures, lying in the grass and so on. I hope to hear from you! Contact me if you'd like: renateb@live.no